Alex as Josh in  All My Sleep and Waking

Alex as Josh in All My Sleep and Waking

Alex as Matthew in  You Got Older

Alex as Matthew in You Got Older

Alex as Elder Thomas in  The Whale

Alex as Elder Thomas in The Whale

All My Sleep and waking - Apocalypse theatre co., Old505

“As Josh, Alex Beauman gives the young university student a sensitivity that is somewhat unexpected (giving) the work, and the family, a calming force. Beauman ensures that Josh's interactions with all of the family are touching.” – Jade Kops, Broadway World Sydney

“Josh is played by a persuasive Alex Beauman whose relaxed naturalism adds valuable dimension to our experience of the show.” – Suzy Goes See

“Alex Beauman is startlingly normal and the unlikely calm centre of the emotional storm that rages around him (providing) a preternaturally mature standpoint.” – Di Simmonds, Stage Noise

“Alex Beauman as gentle Josh, perfectly poised between late adolescence and manhood.” – Joyce Morgan, Sydney Morning Herald

You got older - mad march hare theatre co., KXT

"Alex Beauman as the brother does a great job of bringing an engaging and likeable character to life without lessening the main relationship." – Judith Greenway, Sydney Arts Guide

“Alex Beauman, Ainslie McGlynn and Sarah Meacham gel hilariously and believably as Mae’s siblings.” – Jason Blake, Audrey Journal

"Alex Beauman as Matthew ... forms (part of) an amazingly co-ordinated team of believable family members, warm and caring." – Stage Whispers, Frank Hatherly

"The play is performed by a breathtakingly strong cast; there is such a powerful honesty and earnest at work here that this production is one of the most moving I have encountered this year." – M. Osborn, Theatre Now

The Whale - Redline Productions, Old Fitz  

Sydney Theatre Award Nominee 2016 - Best Supporting Actor "The Whale"

“Mr Beauman, as bewildered, lost Elder Thomas, has the charm of youth and an innocence that captures our favour and disarms any concerns about the writing.” – Kevin Jackson, Kevin Jackson’s Theatre Diary

“Beauman dispenses plentiful comic relief as the hapless Mormon with issues.” – Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

“And last but not least, Alex Beauman is a relative newcomer whose capacity to be the geeky Elder Thomas is thrilling.” – Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

"Alex Beauman progresses his role from a naive, slogan-toting missionary to a character with real depth, likeability and sadness, resulting in the most thrilling character development in the show." – Grapeshot Magazine

Alex as Christopher Holmes in  On The Shore Of The Wide World

Alex as Christopher Holmes in On The Shore Of The Wide World

On The Shore of the wide world, Pantsguys, Griffin Theatre 

“Alex Beauman’s effervescent performance as Christopher is so candescent it threatens to suck the oxygen from the other players.” – Richard Cotter, Sydney Arts Guide

“This is a beautifully written role and Beauman plays it just as beautifully. His reactions are carefully timed, stunningly real and appealingly funny.” – Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

“No less an artist onstage is Alex Beauman, as Christopher, Alex’s doting, sensitive, ‘soft’, slightly strange younger brother. He is, without a doubt, one of the best actors in the production and should go on to bigger, better (which isn’t just rare, but rarefied), brighter things.” – Lloyd Bradford Syke, Daily Review


Alex Beauman as Wayne in  Two Mouths Four Hands

Alex Beauman as Wayne in Two Mouths Four Hands

Two Mouths Four Hands, Balmain Exchange Theatre

“Alex Beauman gives an energetic performance to this youthful characterizations, and is captivating.” – Veronica Kaye, Theatre Red

“Alex Beauman is charming in his despair, providing the perfect companion and frenemy.” – Alana Kaye, Theatre Now